Grande Anse des Salines

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Grande Anse des Salines

Just south of St. Anne lies one of Martinique's most beautiful beaches, Les Salines. This lengthy stretch of white sand beach is dotted with coconut palms for shade and poisonous manchineel trees, which should always be avoided. A large salt pond backs the beach. The climate is dry and sunny, making this one of the island's hottest beaches.

Lots of visitors here find that the on-site snack bar is just fine for lunch. On some days, it may be possible to buy food from one of the mobile vendors who operate at or near this spot.

Unfortunately, restrooms will not be available here. Les Salines is very popular on weekends and holidays when tourists flood the beach, but it's not as crowded during the week. Islanders often bring their whole families here on holidays.

If you find that you prefer coasts which bring visitors an angelic enclave, then you should enjoy Les Salines; it's hidden away in a much quieter area of the region.