SAT.1 – “Boundless – discover the world” – Martinique

My first collaboration on a production for a German TV station.
In November 2017, together with tellvision, I shot a documentary about Martinique for the Sat.1 format “Boundless – discover the world”.

Sitia: Discover the authentic Crete

This commercial I produced with Indigoview Productions in summer 2015 for the Municipality of Sitia.

Municipality of Sitia – Official tourism campaign
Discover the authentic Crete
Visit official Sitia’s tourism portal

Luxurios – Ios: The Island

Luxurios – Agalia suites

In the heart of the Cyclades there lies a secret. The secret of Ios.The LuxurIOS island experience.
Virgin beaches, unique nature, Aegean aesthetics, authentic local inhabitants, emerald sea combined with the luxury provided by ’LuxurIOS island experience”.
This very important tourist investment, which aspire to re-lunch the island of Ios, offer their customers very high standard of service.
Private villas, boutique hotel, lounges, completely tailor made experience in private beaches, beach bar, and unforgettable sailing excursions.
Indigo View, traveled to Ios and through nine videos takes you to a journey to the “LuxurIOS island experience”

Direction: Theo Papadoulakis
Director of Photography: Christine Schmitthenner
Assistant Director: Archontissa Kokotsaki
Art Direction: Mikela Papadoulaki

Chania Bank – People are our Capital

What really makes a town Special?
During the period when institutions were shuttered and the balance changed “Chania Bank” relied on its people.
From the same, everyday people of our land, who stand tall against all odds, create and fill us with optimism.
Those people who show us that everything is possible if there is will and zest for work, inspired Indigo View to create the video, “Chania Bank – People are our Capital”

Direction: Theo Papadoulakis
Screenplay: Panagiotis Papoutsakis
Music: Blue Air 2 Epidemic Sound
Director of Photography: Christine Schmitthenner
Assistant Director: Archontissa Kokotsaki
Wardrobe & Make up: Mikela Papadoulaki

Heraklion – Where the thread of history begins

What may happen when a beautiful woman drops a ball of thread at a mans feet in Crete?
In the tale of Theseus and Ariandne, the ball of thread saves Theseus from Minotaur’s Labyrinth.
In modern times however the result is different but still quite rewarding.

“Crete the island inside you” – Inner Self Daydreaming

The promotion of the Prefecture of Crete has been a challenge for Indigo View.
The success and international acknowledgment of the 2013-2014 campaign set a very high standard which needed to be surpassed in order to achieve the objectives of an effective promotion which will bring even more visitors to our island.
Indigo View in co-operation with McCann Erikson created seven video clips which are based in twelve subjects and promote the beauties of Crete.

Direction: Theo Papadoulakis
Director of Photography: Christine Schmitthenner
Sound & Sound design: Anastasis Efentakis
Editing: Allan Michael (Digitano)

“Crete the island inside you” – Crete Daydreaming

“Crete the island inside you” – Beach Daydreaming



Five Videos produced by the Municipality of Chania and Indigoview Productions.

1. Chania: A journey to your senses

A quick taste of the city of Chania, presenting the city’s rich history, culture and architecture, as well as the surrounding beaches and countryside.
And of course its kind and generous people!

2. Chania: A journey along its beaches

A trip along the beautiful beaches of Chania guided by two synchronized swimming athletes.

3. Chania: A journey through its flavours

A few nights in Chania, the jewel of Crete. Discover its many flavours as we follow a a food critic through its restaurants and nightlife.

4. Chania: A journey through the Old Town

A day in the Old Town of Chania, the jewel of Crete.
Discover its beauties as we follow a couple destined to meet each other amongst its historical, cobbled streets.

5. Chania: A journey through the countryside

Instead of watching the movie “Zorbas” again a tourist leaves his rainy home and comes to Chania, to dance his Syrtaki on Stavros beach – where the movie was shot – and other beautiful spots of Chania’s countryside.


TV Commercial
Director: Theo Papadoulakis
Producer: Indigo View
Cinematography: Christine Schmitthenner and Giorgos Bobolakis
Edited: Allan Michael
Creative Direction: Cream (Athens)