Films and Videos

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Christine Schmitthenner - Films and Videos

Christine was engaged as a cinematographer by different film projects in her hole professional lifetime. She worked for many private television broadcasting transmitters and since a time she is a self-employed filmmaker.
Christine is producing promotional films by order of restaurants and hotels and also own documentaries and other film projects.
In addition she is working by order together with many well-known film production companies.
In the past she was booked several times for exclusive wedding parties and other events of sheiks in the United Arab Emirates and in Saudi Arabia when males get no admission to zenanas.
In future Christine want to make and bring more own film projects to the market. In this process Alwin will be her camera assistant and her assistent for marketing and film editing and cutting as well.
Christine brought all her film equipment and also her expensive computer film editing facilities to our catamaran.
Now we can editing and cutting films and videos in High Definition quality direct on our boat.
So that we can say our catamaran PEARL is a full floating film studio.

We are able to produce commercial films, movies and videos of all genre and to bring them under our own label "PearlFilms" to the market.
In addition we provide all our film and editing equipment to other film teams.
If desired it´s possible to book the hole catamaran with crew for film projects as well.
We can accommodate and take six guests very comfortable to allImage 490x468 places in the world which we can reach by our sailing catamaran.
At the moment we are prior located in the Caribbian, South America and Middle America.

Christine during film shots in Martinique

Christine in Martinique