Mirror of Zen /// A Day in the Moment of a Modern Zen Monk

Zen’s ancient teachings seem a mystery to many.

But actually, Zen is very simple: Zen means attaining my true self — “What am I?”

In this  film we see a Western Zen monk in his daily activities in the world: chanting, meditating, preparing breakfast, riding public transport, meeting with friends, even shaving his head — from moment to moment, not attached to conceptual thinking, everything is Zen, which just means everything is “moment.”

The subject of this unusual film, Hyon Gak Sunim, allowed me to follow his daily living and teaching activities for a week as he met with students and organized his daily activities. Sunim is widely recognized as one of the most influential Zen monks in modern Korean Buddhist history, a graduate of Yale and Harvard who entered the monastic life in 1992 and has done over 20 years of intensive Zen training in the ancient Zen temples of Korea. His enlightenment was certified (“inka”) in a public ceremony in 2001 by his teacher, the legendary Zen Master Seung Sahn (1927-2004).

Now based in the West, he wanders the world, teaching wherever invited.